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Pro Drain provide expert cleaning and maintenance of all drains and all work is guaranteed and our operatives are fully insured. We operate throughout Middlesex and West London 24/7, 365 days per year.

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Speak directly to an experienced drain cleaning engineer who knows what their talking about. No Call Centres, Franchises or Sub Contractors. Directly employed and fully insured workforce.

Trust your local fully trained drain cleaning professionals to clean your drains from rotary mechanical lime scale removal to high pressure water jetting hardened concrete removal Pro-Drain's experienced drain cleaning engineers will look after you all the way.

Pro-Drain specialises in removing encrustations, obstructions, tree roots and more from drains and pipes with rotary mechanical and high pressure water jetting drain and sewer cleaning best practice methods restoring the full working diameter and free flowing condition of an underground drain or pipe.

High Pressure Water Jetting Drain Cleaning in Middlesex Areas

Pro-Drain engineers clean drains in Middlesex using forward and rearward directed high pressure water jets that impact upon encrustations, tree roots and concrete with in a drain at speeds of up to 440mph to cut the deposit from the inner wall of the drain or pipe. Using the appropriate high pressure water jetting machines and specialist drain jetting nozzles for the required distribution of water jet shape, velocity, pressure and flow rate Pro-Drain's drain cleaning engineers are fully equipped and experienced in effectively providing guaranteed drain cleaning services.

CCTV Monitored Drain Cleaning

CCTV Monitored Drain Cleaning is a method where possible a drain cleaning engineer can utilise live digital images from within the drain to accurately direct high pressure water jets or rotary mechanical cutting heads to cut through tree roots, lime scale or even concrete reducing time, water, power and most importantly your money consumption.

Rotary Mechanical Drain Cleaning

Rotary Mechanical Drain Cleaning can successfully de scale corroded cast iron drains and stack pipes as well as remove tree root ingress from any material of pipe. A continuous spring with a cutting attachment is fed through the drain easily negotiating bends to cut or displace deposits and restore the drain or pipes full diameter. Rotary Mechanical drain cleaning techniques can also be carried out from a gully trap or toilet pan if there is no alternative access to a problem underground drain.

Drain Maintenance in Middlesex Areas

Pro-Drain offer complete drainage system maintenance schedules to beat the blockage from periodically emptying and cleaning surface water gullies to annual high pressure water jetting of underground drainage or quarterly rotary mechanical urinal waste pipe cleaning. Pro-Drain guarantee all drain maintenance services with free unlimited call outs between visits. Pro-Drain currently maintains the drainage systems of many local Schools, Restaurants, Hotels and domestic premises in Middlesex.

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