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Speak directly to an experienced drain lining engineer who knows exactly what their talking about - No Call Centres, Franchises or Sub Contractors. Trust your local drainage professionals from installing a 3 meter 100mm diameter drain lining to restore the structural integrity of a damaged underground drain, curing in place a 500mm 225mm diameter patch lining to seal on open pipe joint causing soil displacement and subsequent ground movement or lining round 90 degree bends with quality results Pro-Drains experienced drain re-lining engineers will look after you all the way.

Pro-Drain specialises in providing reliable best practice methods of cured in place pipe rehabilitation when re-lining domestic and commercial drains in Middlesex and guarantee the high standards of installation and end product quality in all drain lining applications they have become renowned for.

The rising costs of excavating a drain are a good enough reason to sort an alternative drain repair solution not to mention the disruption, inevitable mess and surface scarring the conventional dig up methods of drain repair cause and leave behind.

Pro-Drain offer guaranteed drain lining services provided by an established and fully insured operatives working directly for the company including suspected leaking drain and sewer linins, cracked or fractured drains, structural re-lining, drain root ingress, cure pipe lining, building subsidence and open drain joints patch lining of deformed drains & sewers.

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Pro-Drain is a drain lining systems installer and all drain repair engineers are certified in safely installing high quality standards of water and air tight cured in place drain linings and patch lining applications.

What is a Drain Lining ?

A Drain Lining is a length of PVC coated fibreglass reinforced felt tube 3mm thick which is impregnated with a calculated and controlled mix of polyester resin and activating catalyst. The resin and chemical mixture is then absorbed into the inner felt of the liner and either pulled or pushed into the drain to be lined. Once in place the drain lining is inflated by inserting an inflation hose which is pressurised by either air or water and rolled through shaping the liner to the inner diameter and surface characteristics of the existing drain, creating an air and water tight seal once cured. Drain Linings that Pro-Drain installs are tested to British and European standards BSEN13566-4 2002 for lining with cured in place pipes. All drain linings installed by Pro-Drain are water and air tight applications.

Patch Drain Lining

Patch lining is now widely used as an alternative to lining the whole length of drain for example if an isolated circumferential crack or open joint was identified by a CCTV pipe inspection survey at 5.0 meters within a 10 meter drain run a 500mm patch lining application can be pushed or pulled into the damaged section of drain and inflated with rubber packers at a maintained air pressure to cure the drain in place as a cost effective alternative to inserting a 10 meter lining of the whole drain or installing a 6 meter lining from either up or down stream access to cover the damage.

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