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Collapsed Drain Excavation and Replacement in Middlesex

Pro-Drain drain repairs safely carries out planned excavations and emergency reactive excavations of collapsed and damaged drains for commercial and domestic clients in Middlesex providing a reliable and highly efficient drain repair services.

Damage to drainage systems can occur for a number of reasons for example accidental damage from Roding a blocked drain or third party damage from a service cable installation. Shallow drains are at risk from fence post installation and differential pressure from vehicles etc if were not installed correctly. Ground movement, Root Ingress and poor installation are also common causes of damage to a drainage system.

Pitch Fibre Drains

If you property was built between the 1950's and 1970's your drainage system may have been constructed using pitch fibre pipe, pitch fibre drainage provided the construction industry with a much cheaper option to clay drainage but the catch with the cheaper option was an approximate 40 year shelf life due to a pitch fibre drains adverse reaction to hot water, cleaning chemicals, oils and fat which causes internal blisters, bubbles, delaminating, deformity and complete collapse. If the earlier signs of a pitch fibre drains structural deterioration are detected by a CCTV pipe inspection survey it may be possible to simply restore the drain by installing a resin impregnated drain lining and avoid the cost and disruption of excavating and replacing the drain. However in some cases pitch fibre drains deformity can width strict the diameter of a drain or can completely collapse ruling out a lining repair and the drain has to be excavated and replaced.

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Speak directly to an experienced drain repair engineer who knows exactly what their talking about - No Call Centres, Franchises or Sub Contractors. Directly employed and fully insured workforce. Trust your local drainage professionals from repairing a broken sink waste gully, replacing a cast iron stack pipe or carrying out an emergency collapsed drain excavation and replacement Pro-Drains experienced drain repair engineers will look after you all the way. Pro-Drain specialise in providing reliable best practice methods of drain repair and excavation drain replacement in Middlesex and guarantee the highest standards of drain repair and end product quality in all drain repair applications.

Pro-Drain - Guaranteed drain repair services and fully engineers. Drain repairs including suspected leaking drain and sewer replacement, cracked or fractured drains, building subsidence survey and cured in place drain repairs.

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